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At Nash Global Media, we provide small-cap publicly-owned companies increased visibility to the Wall Street community, including stockbrokers, small-cap funds and investors. Below are some of the tactics and resources my team and I employ to help you.

1. We PERSONALLY bring your story to stockbrokers who have an interest in Pink Sheet and Bulletin Board Stocks, often referred to as Penny Stocks. We tell your story directly to the brokers, who then tell their clients about your company. Individuals sometimes buy stocks from websites or from stock-market letters, but they don't usually become long-term shareholders. Our brokers encourage their clients to stick with a good story for a longer period of time. They do a lot of hand-holding with their clients. This is especially important when a company comes out with bad news, or when the stock declines for any of a dozen reasons. Contrast that with the lack of any guidance from a Fax-Blast or Email-Blast, and it's readily apparent why having a broker telling your story is much more effective in the long run.
2. We have a very large database of all the brokers who worked for me over the last 30 years. We also maintain a comprehensive database of all the hedge funds and mutual funds that buy small-cap stock. Through these resources, we can expose your story to a very large and diverse audience.
3. We have a working relationship with several Wall Street search firms that give us the names of recently hired brokers. These are aggressive brokers who typically work for smaller firms. They love Penny Stocks.
4. We have two outside telephone venues that call known investors to ask if they'd like to receive information about your stock. If there's a request for information, that lead is sent on to us, and we send that warm lead to one of our brokers. Brokers appreciate warm leads  which keeps them loyal to us.
5. I'm the Founder of the International Association of Micro-Cap StockBrokers, an alliance of over 650 brokers spread out across the U.S., Canada, Europe, South America and Asia. These brokers love a Penny Stock story. We do a conference call every 2 to 3 weeks. Usually, 75 to 100 brokers will attend.
6. We own seven other IR firms that specialize in different industries. They can target-market your stock to those brokers who like to invest in a specific industry.
7. Shortbusters. We have a separate division within our firm that specializes in assisting companies whose stock is being professionally shorted. No one else has this capability. If your stock is under pressure from short-sellers, we can help you.

Those are some of the ways we introduce your story to brokers and investors. If you're looking to raise capital, we can assist you by:
• Increasing your visibility among brokers
• Increasing the trading liquidity
• Then, at a higher stock price, raise the money for you.

Let us know how we can help you.


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