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About Us

During his 40-year career, Ellis Nash has served as a securities analyst, stockbroker, portfolio manager, and hedge fund manager. He has met and personally knows more than 500 stockbrokers who are currently employed at over 75 different firms in the U.S. and overseas. He was a partner/CEO of several firms between 1974 and 2005, and has had his own investor relations (IR) firm since 1989.

Through his firm, Nash Global Media, he provides his clients with increased visibility to the Wall Street community, including stockbrokers, bankers, fund managers, investors, and other constituencies. The result of his marketing effort ultimately contributes to a company's stock price achieving fair valuation as well as enhanced liquidity for its shares. As an added benefit, a company will be able to lower its cost of capital because of the enhancement to its stock price and additional trading liquidity.
Typical Clients:
Small-Cap Publicly-Owned Companies
Bulletin Board Companies
Pink Sheet Companies
American Stock Exchange Companies

Communicating corporate message
Potential for stock price appreciation
Increase in number of shareholders
Greater shareholder loyalty
Increased trading volume

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration):  Baruch College
MBA (Master of Business Administration):  Baruch College
PhD... Behavioral Finance: Baruch College
Industry Honors:
Chairman's Council:  EF Hutton & Co.
Chairman's Council:  Shearson American Express

Professional Associations
Founder:  International Association of Micro-Cap StockBrokers
Author: "Behavioral Finance: Creating Investor Awareness and Demand for Your Company's Stock"

Description of IAMCS:

1. International Association of Micro-Cap StockBrokers (IAMCS) is a network of over 500 stock brokers worldwide who trade and invest in nano-cap, micro-cap, and small-cap stocks. These companies trade on the Pink Sheets, Bulletin Board, Canadian Exchanges, AMEX and NASDAQ. Some of the companies also trade in Hong Kong and on European Exchanges.

2. Our brokers are located in the U.S., Canada, Europe, South America, the Philippines and Hong Kong.

3. Our mission is to promote small, relatively unknown companies that we feel have a chance to become a larger entity down the road if they have the proper sponsorship behind them. The companies need to be real companies, not just a stock promotion.

4. The broker who presents his idea must sell it to our group. In other words, he has to demonstrate that the business model is sound; that a market/demand for the product or service does exist; and the revenue/earnings projections are realistic.

5. We discuss the situations (several ideas are usually presented during one conference call), and the brokers are free to show the idea to their clientele. Nobody forces anyone to buy an idea. Everyone is encouraged to do his own due diligence re: any idea presented. The presenting broker may be willing to accept phone calls from the other members, but it's not a requirement.

6. We hold these conference calls several times a month, and will frequently email each other during the month with questions and comments, but it's not mandatory to do so.

7. The conference calls are strictly voluntary, and there can be anywhere from 50-150 brokers on the call. If a broker misses a call, he can always contact me (I'm the founder), and I can give him a quick run-down of the ideas that were presented.

8. The group was started by me in March, 2005. At that time, I had just joined a New York-based IR firm as a Partner. I came from Wall Street (1971-2001) where I had owned my own brokerage firm as well as an IR firm. I built a large part of my retail business investing in micro-cap stocks for my clients, so this is an area with which I am very familiar.

9. During my 40-year career on Wall Street, I built up a significant number of contacts and friendships with other brokers throughout the investment community. I helped sponsor luncheons, dinners and cocktail hours for micro-cap companies. The IR business is a natural extension of my prior career.


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