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 Welcome to Nash Global Media

Our mission is to help small-cap companies develop and implement effective communications programs that are marketed to stockbrokers, equity funds, analysts and investors. Our programs are designed to accomplish the following:

Build Awareness
This means getting a company's story in front of as many decision makers as possible, i.e., to the people who are going to be making the decision whether to buy or sell your stock. That entails getting your story in front of brokers, funds and investors.

Create Visibility
This involves telling the story enough times and sometimes with a slightly different slant, to as many sectors of the investment community as possible. Creating visibility includes getting the company's name mentioned in various publications, bringing the company to the attention of potential merger partners, people who are willing to lend money to the company, as well as others who can be of benefit.

Generate Liquidity
Liquidity means volume...the ability to create real buying interest that results in a greater degree of volume and potential price appreciation.

Enhance Credibility
We help companies focus on doing what they say they are going to do, keeping them on track so that future investors and current shareholders will stay with them, as opposed to being very shortsighted. Our job is to make sure the company stays true to itself and fulfills its commitment to shareholders so they are comfortable owning the stock. It's about creating long-term investors.
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